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Are you afraid of guns? Does your spouse store a gun in the closet on the top shelf and you're reluctant to open the closet door because you think the gun is going to go off?  Would you like to own a gun but don't know how to start? Would you like to learn to shoot?


Contact me me via the email address provided below. We can discuss your needs, expectations and venue.  In a typical scenario, I host small groups in my home for training in a comfortable setting.

JOIN THE NRA!  I am an NRA Recruiter.  Click the Eagle link below to a membership application form and secure site.  The form is registered to me and will allow you to join with a $10 discount.


Chuck Wilmot, NRA Certified Instructor

Watch my 13 year old granddaughter shoot a .45.  If she can do it, you can.  Click here

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